Military Freight

Military Freight is often a challenge for businesses. Bases require security checks and pre-approval of vehicles and drivers before deliveries can be made. Don’t deal with the hassle of all that paperwork. Let us help! At Carr’s Delivery our personnel are badged and approved to conduct business on the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station. We take care of all the logistic requirements needed to deliver on base so you can save valuable time and resources.

The Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was constructed in 1941 in response to a limited number of aviation training facilities in the United States. Today it remains an essential part of military life in South Texas. With over 10,250 employees the Corpus Christi Base is constantly bustling with activity.

Stay ahead of your logistical problems. Don’t waste time trying to figure out protocols. Like the Naval Air Station, Carr’s Delivery has been around for over 50 years. We know how to meet the needs of individuals and business owners in the community. Let us help provide you with the professional delivery services you need to stay ahead of the game.