Vehicles / Equipment

Safety and reliability are number one priorities here at Carr’s Delivery. All of our drivers are TSA, TWIC, and RapidGate qualified. Plus, they come uniformed, background checked, drug tested, and screened so you can rest easy knowing your shipments are in good hands.

Each of our vehicles are regularly inspected and up to industry standards. At Carr’s Delivery we have a variety of different models made to accommodate deliveries of all sizes and shapes. GPS tracking further ensures that your packages go exactly where they need to be by the time they need to be there.

Bobtails/Straight Trucks are perfect for accommodating a large variety of packages. With sizes ranging from 16’ to 24’ in length, Bobtails are great for hauling skids, pallets, and miscellaneous packages that might not fit elsewhere. Each truck is completely covered in order to prevent weather damage while on their route to delivery.

Cargo Vans are great for smaller deliveries and packages sent locally. Ideal for picking up and distributing supplies for businesses and individuals, this is a budget friendly solution to your logistic needs.

Transit Vans are durable and made for travel. With extended roof heights, these vans are great for cargo transportation and can be stacked full of small to medium size packages.

Box Trucks are known for their cube-like shape. Much like the Bobtail/Straight Trucks, Box Trucks are completely covered and run around 16’ in length.

Flatbed are used for larger, more industrial cargo. Having an open bed with no sides or roof makes this vehicle easy to load and is often used for heavy duty items that can withstand the elements.

Gooseneck Trailers are also used to handle heavy equipment. Whether you are hauling construction supplies, building materials, machinery or something else entirely, our Gooseneck Trailers can handle even the heaviest cargo.